Scientific professional edition

Тopic of the magazine

Pedagogical sciences

The journal publishes the results of research in the field:

  • general pedagogy;
  • comparative pedagogy;
  • higher education pedagogy;
  • correctional pedagogy;
  • methodology and history of pedagogy;
  • theory and practice of education and training;
  • Theories and methods of professional education;
  • social pedagogy;
  • history of education;
  • the theory of organization and leadership of the education system;
  • modern pedagogical technologies and other branches of pedagogical science.

Order of Ministry of Education and Science dated May 10, 2017, No. 693

Historical sciences

The scientific publication covers the actual problems of historical science, in particular:

  • history of Ukraine;
  • world history;
  • archeology;
  • ethnology;
  • historiography;
  • regional studies;
  • history of law;
  • history of science and technology;
  • biography;
  • oral history;
  • military history;
  • Urban Studies;
  • methodology of history;
  • source study.

Order of Ministry of Education and Science dated May 10, 2017, No. 693

Philological Sciences

The magazine publishes original articles covering issues:

  • literary studies;
  • linguistics;
  • folklore studies;
  • linguistics;
  • translation problems;
  • rhetoric;
  • textology;
  • theory of literature;
  • comparative studies;
  • Modern views on the development of the Ukrainian language and other European languages

Order of the Ministry of Education of 11.07.2017 №996