Scientific professional edition


The magazine accepts completed papers, prepared at a high scientific level, which have a significant theoretical and practical significance and have not been published. Thoroughly edited and properly crafted. The content of the articles should correspond to the profile and direction of the publication, to the modern scientific and theoretical level.

For submission of work it is necessary:

prepare a manuscript corresponding to the topic of the magazine and the rules of design. All recommendations for registration are obligatory for execution. You will find the requirements here;

use the electronic submission mechanism and download the electronic version of the manuscript through the appropriate web interface;

via the web interface, along with the manuscript, submit a copy (scan) of the completed and signed “Copyright Agreement” (downloadable here);

Other documentation, as well as printed copies of the manuscript, are not required.

Editors immediately warns the authors about:

receipt of the manuscript

conclusions of reviewers,

Inaccuracies detected

approval of the manuscript for printing

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