Scientific professional edition

Review policy

The review is conducted publicly. The author and anyone interested in, is given an opportunity to read the text of the article review. In case of negative feedback, the author sends a motivated refusal by e-mail, a review itself and, possibly, recommendations for the processing of the article.

All articles are tested for plagiarism and determine the degree of uniqueness of the author’s text using the Unicheck plagiarism signs search system as part of the project to support academic university publications. Citation is allowed in the amount that does not exceed 20% of the total article. In case of revealing in the text of the plagiarism the article is rejected without the right to further processing or refinement.

If the review contains recommendations for correction and revision of the article, the author sends the text of the review with a proposal to take into account these comments in preparing a new version of the article or to substantiate them (partially or completely) to refute them. The article (revised) by the author is re-directed to review.

An article that is not recommended by the reviewer prior to publication will not be accepted for re-examination in its original form. An article rejected by the reviewer and the editorial board may be re-examined only if it is substantially processed by the author and re-sent to the Journal.

The review is conducted in a timely manner, which ensures the most prompt publication of the article.