Scientific professional edition


For the publication of the article in the scientific journal “Scientific Herald of the Izmail State University of Humanities”, it is necessary to send the following materials by e-mail to the editor of the magazine:

  • certificate of the author;
  • an article drawn up in accordance with the specified requirements;
  • a scanned electronic copy of the proof of payment of the editorial fee;
  • author’s abstract of articles in English for placing on the website of the publication (author’s abstract of the article should contain: the author’s surname and initials, title of the article, summary of the article with a minimum volume of 200 words).

The editorial board of the scientific journal verifies the articles on plagiarism, as well as reviews them (the type of review is a two-way blind). After successful passing of the test, authors submit the requisites for payment of the publication fee or return the article for revision.

WARNING! Articles of graduate students are accepted for publication only in co-authorship with the scientific supervisor.

Materials must be sent electronically to the address:

Examples of file signatures: Popov_Device_Professor, Popov_Status, Popov_Kyytanciya, Popov_Referat.