Scientific professional edition

Editorial Policy

The editorial policy of the “Scientific Herald of the Izmail State University  of Humanities ” aims at the free and free dissemination of scientific knowledge, which promotes the accelerated development of science.

The editorial staff is actively working on the inclusion of the Collection in international electronic libraries, catalogs and science-based databases for the purpose of joining the world scientific information space, raising both the rating of the collection itself and the citation indexes of its authors.

The editorial team is active in attracting leading international scholars to the process of reviewing articles by the authors of the Collection.

The editorial policy of the collection is the publication followed by the discussion of research innovational materials from scholars from different countries, from a wide range of issues of modern science, as well as related fields of science.

The editorial staff of the journal is guided by the principles of science, objectivity, professionalism, informational support for significant innovation research, adherence to standards of publishing ethics.


We provide a platform for scholars (researchers, theorists, practitioners, professionals) so that they can share their knowledge, research results, theories or views.

The main principles on which the editorial policy is implemented and the programmatic goals of the collection are implemented are:

1) ensuring access of readers to the contents of the collection;

2) orientation on the coverage of a wide range of problems of pedagogical orientation, support of the constant activity of the publication;

3) openness to the proposals.